GV Type Vertical Worm Reduction Gear Box

GV Type Vertical Worm Reduction Gear Box

G Series

GV Type Vertical Worm Reduction Gear Box

We have a range of vertical gearboxes available with integrated foot mounting in light, medium and heavy duty. Vertical gearboxes are ideal for turn-tables, time-lapse systems and low speed applications that require high precision and torque. The worm design not only minimizes backlash but also eliminates back-driving the motor so that the position can be held even when power is not applied.

It is available in various ranges of output RPM and power requirements with durability. It is a flexible motor mounted in a convenient position for easy operation.

    • Range: 162 to 1200 centre distance.
    • Ratio: single reduction 5:1 to 70: 1.
    • Double reduction up to 4900: 1.

Types :

  1. adaptable
  2. under driven
  3. over driven
  4. vertical
  5. hollow shaft and double reduction models

Adaptable Vertical Upward

GV Type Vertical

GV type Vertical Double reduction

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